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      Party responsible for the personal data file and processing

      In compliance with the contents of the current Regulations and Laws Protection and the regulations that further develop it, the User is hereby informed that information collected through the Website and/or any information collection forms at the Website will be incorporated into the personal information files owned by Prem Dan, s.l.u. which has its registered office at calle Eraso 35, bajo local, 28028 Madrid, Spain.

      The personal data are in an automated file, duly registered in the R.G.P.D., under the code 2063240147.
      Prem Dan, s.l.u. guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data provided and compliance with all applicable regulations on the subject.

      To ensure that the information provided is always up-to-date and does not contain errors, the User must provide notification as soon as possible about any modifications or corrections to his or her personal information.

      Also, by clicking the “Send” button (or equivalent) incorporated into the aforementioned forms, the User implicitly states that the information and data being provided are true and accurate.

      Disclosure of data

      Prem Dan, s.l.u. will not communicate the personal data of the User to third-party companies without obtaining your consent in advance, unless the cession of your information was necessary for maintaining the relationship with the User, in which case prior notification of the aforementioned cession will be provided.


      Prem Dan, s.l.u. hereby informs the User that you may revoke the consent you have given for your data to be processed at any time, by sending a notification to [email protected] or by contacting Prem Dan, s.l.u. at calle Eraso 35, bajo-local, 28080 Madrid. Spain .


      The website may contain links to other web pages. Please be aware that Prem Dan, s.l.u. is not responsible for the privacy or data processing policies at other websites. This Personal Data Processing document applies exclusively to information collected via the Website. We recommend that you read the data processing policies for other websites that have links at our Website, or for those that you visit in some other manner.


      The personal Information that Prem Dan, s.l.u. is able to collect through the Website, or by means of the various communications maintained with the User, will be treated with absolute confidentiality. Prem Dan, s.l.u. is committed to maintaining secrecy with respect to this information, and guarantees its duty to safeguard it by adopting all measures necessary to prevent its alteration, loss, or unauthorized processing or access, as established in the applicable legislation.


      In order to protect the Users personal information against accidental loss and unauthorized access, processing, or revelation, Prem Dan, s.l.u. has implemented and maintains the highest levels of security required by Law, and has taken into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored, and the risks to which this information is exposed.

      Exercise of rights

      The user may, at any time, exercise their rights to access, correct, delete and, in situations where it is possible, oppose the processing of his or her personal data by sending a written notification and including a copy of a document verifying his or her identity to the following address: [email protected] or by contacting Prem Dan, s.l.u. at calle Eraso 35, bajo-local, 28028 Madrid, Spain.

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