360º Virtual Simulators

High resolution, interactive, multimedia and multilingual, 360º virtual simulators

  Virtual visits of the environments and sites with the highest resolution.

  Interactive, with drop-down menus, maps and key control functions.

  Points of interest with multimedia information: text, photos, voice, video, drawings, etc.

  Voice for narrations, explanations and descriptions recorded by professional voice artists.

  Multilingual: more than 50 languages.

  Virtual Simulators can replace expensive visits to the site and real environments.

  Integration with LSM (Moodle or customized platforms).

  Prepared for the future: AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), AI (Artificial Intelligence), ChB (Chat Bots)...

Multilingual A/V Streaming

Remote training via video streaming with remote simultaneous interpreting.


Audio & Video Services

Enrichment and improvement of the existing content: multilingual, voice and audio, video, multimedia, game Learn, and more.

Virtual Simulators 


High resolution 360º Virtual Simulations. Interactive, multimedia: text, voice, photos, video, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, chatbots